Saturday, November 1, 2008

Turning Back Time

Hollywood dad a question that needs answering.

Why does everyone get so amped up over an extra hour of sleep - ON A SUNDAY?

What's the benefit there? Waiting an EXTRA hour 'til football starts?

Newsflash.... That sucks.

There's no need to waste an extra hour of sleep on a Sunday. We can already sleep all we want on Sundays. That's what Sunday are for.

Getting an extra hour of sleep on a Sunday is about as necessary as sentencing a murderer to more than one life sentence.

Translatiion: completely unnecessary and just a little misleading. Does that mean there is life after death? Hmmmm......

You wanna make me and MILLIONS of Americans happy, then switch the clocks back at 3:00 AM Monday morning!

Now that extra hour of sleep benefits everyone and not just the losers who have shitty jobs that require them to work on Sundays.

Let's start a grassroots campaign people. Are ya with me?

Switch the clocks back on Mondays and put that extra hour of sleep to good use.

There's no need to waste a solid hour of bonus sleep on a Sunday.

Sleeping in on Sunday's has never posed a problem for anyone - unless you're a loser.

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